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    About all terrain electric skateboards:

    A powerful electric skateboard can provide high speed and stability, both on and off the street.If you’re looking for an all-terrain skateboard, you’ll need an all-terrain wheel-set or all-terrain electric skateboard.The tread on the wheel is bigger.Its wheels are also stronger than off-road scooters and tires.An all-terrain electric skateboard is the perfect choice for the adventurous.Here are some models to help you decide which boards or wheelsets will be perfect for your needs:

    Boosted Stealth board

    Boosted Board Stealth all terrain electric skateboard

    Photo from Boosted Boards

    Boosted Boards deliver amazing power independently. It is one of the best and best known electric skateboards. But we all know that its wheels face the street, so how could it be an all-terrain board? There is now an additional accessory to invest in pushing the 105 wheels. With it, you can turn your beloved electric skateboard into an all-terrain skateboard.

    • The best part is that despite switching to all-terrain wheels, the Boosted Stealth board delivers the same powerful performance. You can be sure that its 2100 W belt motor will exceed all expectations. Despite the motor power, the Boosted Stealth delivers an amazing stable performance.
    • The Boosted 105s support the belt motor drive system of the Boosted Stealth. It comes with metallic pulleys for better strength, stability in all terrains. They’re good with cracks, urban streets, countryside, and even hilly areas to some extent. This is a perfect set of all-terrain wheels.
    • Moreover, the Boosted Stealth comes with 24mph or 38.6kmph. The board’s belt drive system gives you a stable, fast, and thrilling riding experience.
    • Boosted Stealth electric skateboard also has impressive battery life. You can be sure that your battery doesn’t die out as easily when you’re out riding. The battery can run up to 14 miles or 22.5km on a single charge. Due to this, you can spend more time on the board and less time charging your board.
    • Its high-quality board is also one of the best and most flexible boards that you can find in the market. Moreover, the Boosted Stealth board also has regenerative braking. This makes the board last longer with improved efficiency.
    • Boosted Stealth board’s powerful motor also makes it a breeze to climb steep hills. It can go up to 25-degree gradients. So if you’re looking for an all-terrain hilly experience, Boosted Stealth has you covered.

    Evolve Bamboo and Carbon GTR Series: 

    Evolve GTR Bamboo all terrain electric skateboard

    Photo from Voltes

    The Evolve electric skateboard is a high performance high-end electric skateboard. These panels give you the freedom to choose between streets and all-terrain wheels. This makes them perfect for everyday use. You can even take adventure rides in the countryside or mountains.The evolving GTR series starts with a $1,699 street wheel variant. You can upgrade to all terrain, or you can upgrade to 2 in 1 wheel.

    • Evolve Bamboo GTR has an amazing battery and an equally powerful motor. The belt motor driving mechanism further gives it exceptional stability, acceleration, and braking.
    • The Evolve Bamboo GTR Series have wheels that make hills, off-roading, and other experiences as easy as going on a street. Its performance on the streets, though, takes some hits because of the nature of the wheels. So, your Evolve Bamboo GTR series can go up to 22 mph or 36 kmph with the all-terrain wheels installed.
    • The battery range is impressive on the Evolve Bamboo GTR series. It can last up to 19 miles or 30 km on a single charge with the all-terrain wheels on board. This leaves you with more time with the thrilling experience. You spend less time charging it or lugging it around. However, the board does have a large charging time of up to 4-5 hours on a single charge.
    • It is also quite a heavy board that can provide further stability and handle on off-roading and hilly areas with its 25 lbs or 11.3 kg weight.
    • The Evolve Bamboo GTR series can also go up on 25-degree gradients in hills. This is perfect for longboarding and downhill riding experiences as well. With smooth and powerful braking, you can also be sure that you are safe with this board. Additionally, the regenerative braking makes it last longer even in rough environments.
    • You can also go for the Evolve Carbon GTR Series. It has an upgraded unibody carbon fiber chassis. It also delivers the same performance. With the option of choosing between tires, you have more versatility to use it.

    Mototec MT-SKT Dirt Electric Skateboard 1600W:

    MotoTec 1600W

    Photo from Amazon

    Mototec MT-SKT Dirt scooters 1600W are a powerful off-road scooter.Thanks to its rugged chassis, it can also work in other environments.It also has an impressive suspension system.This not only allows you to ride smoothly on muddy roads and in harsh environments, but also allows you to explore the city.Look at the MT-SKT dirt plate today and enjoy a ride through any terrain.

    • The Mototec MT-SKT dirt electric skateboard is first off-roading and then all-terrain board. Its rugged sleek looks combined with a great suspension system give it a monster truck look. The design is simplistic, and the Mototec MT-SKT has a 12 ply maple wooden board. The oversized tires are what bring this board on this list.
    • Mototec MT-SLT also has a pair of belt drive mechanism motors. They have a rugged external look. They are 800W each, giving the board the necessary power to race ahead of any hurdles and up to any slope. Moreover, this powerful electric skateboard can also go up to 18-22mph or 28.9-35.4kmph depending upon user weight and other factors. The max user weight that this board can tolerate is up to 260 lbs or 118kg.
    • The Mototec MT-SLT takes 3 to 5 hours to recharge completely. It can go up to 10 miles or 16km on a single charge. You can control its speed, braking, and acceleration from the wireless remote.
    • Weighing approx. 71 lbs. or 32kg, this board is heavier than most boards that you can find in the market. It is not for the everyday commute. But it can perform exceptionally well in rough environments. The air-filled tires take up all and most of the shock and hurdles from the roughest environments you can ride this board on.

    Boosted Mini X:

    Boosted Mini X

    Photo from Amazon

    Like other Boosted boards, it isn’t all-terrain by default. But like with the Boosted Stealth, you can easily make it ready for anything with a pair of Boosted 105s. The Boosted Mini X is a compact and powerful electric skateboard perfect for travelers. With the addition of all-terrain wheels, you can ride it in nearly every terrain. Check out the Mini X on Amazon today to get a portable all terrain electric skateboard.

    • The Boosted Mini X measures 29.5in by 11in by 5.7in. It’s so compact it fits well into almost anything and is perfect for people who prefer shorter boards. Moreover, the Boosted Mini X has a powerful belt drive motor system. You don’t see that integrated well in shorter electric skateboards.
    • You can travel up to 14 miles or 22.5km with the help of the extended battery pack with the street wheels. It may change by some margin with the Boosted 105s all-terrain wheels. This is more than enough to go to your favorite adventure spot and even use it for your daily commute.
    • The powerful motor lets the Boosted Mini X climb up to 25 degrees variant and goes up to a top speed of 20 mph 32.1 kmph. Moreover, you can also switch between three modes with the wireless remote. It works seamlessly to give you a great experience with this board. The regenerative braking is another great feature to make the Boosted board last longer.
    • The small design combined with the deep dish form further gives you more control over this board. The braking, acceleration, and general control are only enhanced with the belt drive motor system. They work together to give you a safe yet exhilarating riding experience.

    Backfire Ranger X2:

    Backfire Ranger X2

    Photo from Electrek

    The Backfire Ranger X2 can dominate every terrain and everything you can throw at it. It has powerful performance combined with the form factor of a longboard. The Backfire Ranger X2 has one of the best flexibility, durability and sleek design of all-terrain electric skateboards.

    • The 6.5in honeycomb airless wheels give the board great performance. It will do well in daily commute, hillside rides, countryside, and even be in perfect control in uphill slopes. The dual hub motors rated 1200W each give it the power to not only reach great top speed but also ride in every environment without breaking a sweat.
    • The Backfire Ranger X2 can reach a top speed up to 22 mph or 25 kmph, and ride up hills with up to a 30-degree gradient. The Backfire Ranger X2 climbs, races ahead of any hurdles, and other issues in rough and smooth terrains alike.
    • Another advantage of the Backfire Ranger X2 is its impressive battery life. You can get up to 15-18.5 miles or 24-30 km out of it on a single charge. These are the statistics for a straight level road. The performance varies depending upon user weight, incline, and other factors.
    • The deck is more of a longboard style design. It makes the Backfire Ranger X2 a preference for a certain category of users. Moreover, the precision trucks also help the Backfire Ranger X2 carve out turns without a hassle. The great control and stability with the longboard design also make it perfect for downhill longboarding action.
    • Moreover, the Backfire Ranger X2 also has a flexible design. It makes it possible for the board to make your riding experience be more in control. It can also absorb shocks, vibrations, and other hurdles.

    Yecoo GT All-Terrain electric skateboard:

    Yecoo GT all terrain electric skateboard

    Photo from electric skateboard

    This list would be incomplete without one of the most specialized all-terrain electric skateboards that you can find in the market. With a sleek, powerful design, the Yecoo GT All-Terrain electric skateboard also has dual belt drive motors to give it perfect control and stability in every terrain. Furthermore, it also comes in two variants with different batteries- 11 Ah version and the 15 Ah version, and its performance and range also relies on the battery variant.

    • The Yecoo GT All-Terrain has an impressive range depending on the battery variant that you decide to go for. Moreover, it also comes in black and orange deck color variants. Here is the range that you can expect in the Yecoo GT All-Terrain:
      • 11Ah battery: 22 miles or 35.4 km on the street, and up to 19 miles or 30.5 km in all-terrain environments.
      • 15Ah battery: 25 miles or approximately 40km on the street, and up to 21 miles or 33.7 km in all-terrain environments.
    • The powerful battery pack can make the board climb a gradient of up to 25-30 degrees depending on user weight. Moreover, you can also switch between various modes from the wireless remote control:
      •  Low power: 12 mph or 20 kmph.
      •  Medium power: 18 mph or 30 kmph.
      •  High power: 25 mph or 40 kmph.
    • The Yecoo GT All-terrain also has 150mm silicone wheels. These give it the smooth-riding experience. It weighs 10.8 kg. It has a dual belt motor drive that gives this board the control and handling. You can easily stay on the ground in tricky environments and maintain perfect control.
    • The 8 maple ply deck measures about 38 in by 12.2 in by 7 in or 96.52 cm by 31 cm by 17.78 cm. It gives you ample space to control and stand on the board. This longboard style design also gives it great flexibility. It also makes the board perfect for downhill and other adventure activities.
    • The Yecoo GT All-Terrain can perform best and tolerate up to 330 lbs or 150 kg user weight. This can also affect its range and top speed. Aside from other factors, the battery variant that you decide to go for will affect this.

    Raldey Carbon AT V2:

    Raldey Carbon AT All Terrain Electric Skateboard V2

    Photo by organicparadox via Reddit

    If you’re looking for something high end, all-powerful, and all-terrain electric skateboard, the Raldey Carbon V2 is perfect. It is carbon fiber, sleek, and an extremely powerful electric skateboard. Not only it has an impressive battery life but also very powerful dual belt motors. Additionally, the board also comes in two variants of wheelsets to choose from- 165 mm (6.5 in) or 195 mm (7.5 in).

    •  As an off-roading and all-terrain electric skateboard, the Raldey Carbon AT V2 is as sleek as it can be. It can tolerate the extreme environments it will run in. The board also weighs about 11.6 kg or 13.4 kg depending upon the wheel variant you choose.
    • The deck consists entirely of carbon fiber, giving it a very sleek and stylish look. It also comes with decent grip tape to help you place yourself firmly on the board. You need to wear protective gear on this board, as it accelerates quickly.
    • The Raldey Carbon AT V2 can also reach a top speed of up to 28.5 kmph or 46 mph. The dual 1500W motors give the board control, stability, great handling, and braking too. Moreover, the board can also go up to a 30-degree slope when going uphill. It also offers exceptional control and breaking when going downhill.
    • The board can also tolerate a max user weight of up to 265 lbs or 120 kg. The carbon fiber board design gives it a durable and tensile design. It can tolerate higher weights despite hurdles, bumps, and vibrations.

    Ownboard AT electric skateboard:

    Ownboard All Terrain

    Photo by via Pinterest

    The Ownboard’s AT electric skateboard is a carbon fiber-based, belt motor-driven all-terrain electric skateboard. It is not only sleek but performs exceptionally well in various environments. Moreover, it also comes in two variants. One has an off-roading wheel with 120mm and another is an all-terrain wheelset.

    • The Ownboard AT electric skateboard’s deck consists of carbon fiber. It measures about 40 inches in length, giving it a longboard style slim and sleek form factor. Moreover, this powerful electric skateboard also has one of the best motor systems with dual 1500 W rated belt motors. Those give it incredible control and stability in tough areas.
    • Ownboard AT’s wireless remote can control its speed, acceleration, and braking. It can switch between three different speed modes for the board. Moreover, the powerful motors enable this all-terrain board to go as fast as 22.5 mph. The usual speed is up to 24 mph or 38.6 kmph.
    • The battery also lasts up to 19 miles or 30 km and takes up to 3-4 hours to recharge completely. The Ownboard AT electric skateboard also comes with regenerative braking. Due to this, you can expect it to last a bit more depending on the brakes and overall efficiency.
    • Despite being sleek, the wheels can change the board’s weight to 11 kg. This makes it perfect for rough terrains, as you want to keep your electric skateboard in as much control as possible.

    Frequently Asked Questions about All Terrain Electric Skateboards:

    What is an all-terrain electric skateboard?
    As the name suggests, an all-terrain electric skateboard is a type of skateboard that can slide over rough terrain and concrete streets.It has to work in all areas, in any area where you use it.As a result, it can be used not only for daily commuting, but also for adventure activities and mountain biking.However, most all-terrain electric skateboards lean to the heavier side because they need to be stable in all environments.
    What should I consider when buying an electric skateboard?
    When buying an electric skateboard, there are a few factors to consider:

    • Speed: Should be as high as you can, and it depends on the motor’s rated power. Belt-driven motors deliver higher speeds instead of hub motors. Hub motors can only deliver power, while belt-driven motors give that necessary stability as well.
    • Board deck material: Your board will face rough conditions, so go for as tensile and durable board deck material as possible. Ideally, carbon fiber is better over wooden ply decks. Carbon fiber is lightweight and much more durable than a wooden deck.
    • Hill climbing: An all-terrain electric skateboard should be able to handle downhill riding. It should have smooth and sudden braking, as well as being able to climb up steep slopes. Belt driven motors, as well as boards with a hill-climbing power of north of 20 degrees, is perfect.
    • Board weight: Board weight decides if your board can tolerate all terrains. This is because a heavier weight gives it more momentum and also tolerates heavy hurdles.
    How much does an all-terrain electric skateboard cost?
    An all-terrain electric skateboard usually comes in the medium to expensive tier. So, you can expect the entry-level all-terrain boards to cost above $700-$800. The carbon fiber boards can cost north of $1000-$1500.
    Do all-terrain electric skateboards have a weight limit?
    Yes, all electric all-terrain skateboards have a weight limit. This is so they can perform well, especially under high speed and rough environments.
    How to control an all-terrain electric skateboard speed?
    You can control the speed by using it with the wireless remote included in the package. You can also use your body weight to steer it and carve turns with ease.
    Are all terrain electric skateboards waterproof?
    Generally, all all-terrain electric skateboards are waterproof, not waterproof. Water should not enter electrical components. However, over time, despite the waterproof features, you may find that the moving parts deteriorate. They may also need to be replaced because of water and dust damage. In addition, wooden scooters are more prone to deck water damage than carbon fiber scooters.
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