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    About Blitzart Board

    The Blitzart Board series is in The affordable category. The quality of their work is much better than you would expect at a lower price. They’re like a DIY board, less about design and more about providing functionality. If you want to enter the electric skateboard market and want to give it a try before upgrading to high-end skateboards, lightning skateboards are for you. Not only is it cheap, but its simple design and performance make it valuable in all models. Some high-end Blitzart boards can impress you with their performance. However, the low end is good only as a metaphor for the training wheel. Blitzart single motor circuit boards are common in all variants from the company. Blitzkrieg motors, on the other hand, are ideal newcomers.In addition, all Blitzart electric scooters come with a 3-month warranty to cover any manufacturing or electrical defects. If you want to see how the Blitzart boards are competing against competitors’ products, here are our comments on the Meepo boards, Evolve boards and Boosted boards.

    Various models of Blitzart Boards

    Blitzart Mini Flash

    Blitzart Mini Flash

    The Blitzart Mini Flash is a simple entry-level electric skateboard. It is made of five layers of Canadian maple and two layers of bamboo, just like the other boards in this series.

    Product Features
    1. The Blitzart Mini Flash can easily reach 12 miles per hour.It has a great simplified design that gives you good space and width to handle the board correctly on your feet.
    2. The Blitzart Mini Flash has a compact panel design.It has a lithium ion battery.It can be charged in 2.5 hours and has a range of 8 miles or 12.8 kilometers.A few hours or even half a day of wandering around is enough.However, it has no regenerative braking.Because of this, you may get this range and less dependent on speed and performance.
    3. The Blitzart Mini Flash also comes with a great remote control.The remote control lets you switch between different modes.It can also connect to the motherboard without any problems.In addition, because it has only two modes and a reverse mode, it is very easy to use.You don’t need to fumble between buttons for quick action.
    4. The 250W motor is also a great addition to the board.It can easily drive the plate fast enough to 12 miles per hour and handle loads of up to 122.5 kilograms without any trouble.In addition, the board is light and easy to carry, weighing only 4 kg.It is easy to carry and makes a good travel companion.

    Blitzart Tornado

    Blitzart Tornado

    Blitzart Tornado is an entry-level high performance board.It is a medium sized plate, measuring 38 inches in length.It is available in black, red, orange and light green variants.

    Product Features
    1. The Blitzart Tornado is a great medium performance electric board.It is very suitable for people who are new to electric skateboards.There is a great design to enhance the handling with enough space to stand on, the plate has a thick and durable plate-type plate frame, as well.In addition, it has a 10-inch wheelbase that can drive the plate quickly and smoothly through urban areas.
    2. The wheels and plates, although well designed, do not allow for shock absorption. You may feel the ground more, but overall you’ll still create a pleasant experience.In addition, the plane design of the plate also makes it difficult to overcome the large and small vibration on the road.
    3. The Lightning Tornado has a 350W engine and can reach speeds of up to 16 miles per hour.It can accelerate and decelerate gracefully to give you a good experience. The 13-pound board is very light.You can operate it, even up to 300 pounds.
    4. On a single charge, the 36V battery case lasts for 10mils or 16km.That’s enough for your daily commute. In addition, the battery can be fully charged in 2.5 hours and can last all day.
    5. The 10.5-inch wheelbase provides great balance and overall handling. For starters, this is perfect.
    6. Blitzart Huracane

      Blitzart Huracane

      Photo from GearScoot

      As the name goes, the Blitzart Huracane is one of the faster models from Blitzart. It takes off from the plain plank design and introduces a more attractive board design. Check out the Huracane today to get an electric skateboard that is fast and reliable.

    Product Features
    1. It’s made up of seven layers of Canadian maple and two layers of bamboo, another very light board.It weighs only 13 pounds or 5.8 kilograms, making it ideal for maneuvering and handling.
    2. Lightning Huracane can reach speeds of up to 16 miles an hour. The 350W hub motor helps it achieve this maximum speed of speed and safety. It is great for security acceleration as well as stable handling.
    3. The Blitzart Huracane’s battery also has enough power to last 10mils or 16km before running out of juice. You can easily ride around and continue your daily commute throughout the day.Its lightweight form combines a two-speed mode that can be operated easily from a distance.
    4. With a 10.5-inch wheelbase, you can also ensure adequate balance. Even at higher speeds, the wheels provide good balance. This is a good thing for people who are new to electric skateboarding.
    5. The Blitzart Huracane has a 38-inch long board. It is 9 inches wide and provides good space for you to stand up and not lose balance, especially at higher speeds.

    Blitzart X-Plore



    Photo from eBay

    The Blitzart X-Plore is the fancier model out of the different variants. It comes in black, red, orange, and light green versions. It has the same capabilities as the Blitzart Huracane and Tornado. The only difference in the Blitzart X-Plore is its design.

    Product Features
    1. The Blitzart X-Plore has a 38-inch long board. It has seven stories of Canadian maple and two stories of bamboo wide. These layers give a great kanban and are durable as it is stylish.In addition, this board has a surfboard design with two handlebar spacing carved on the board. You can take it on a trip or around the city.
    2. The 350W single hub motor is the same as other models of the Blitzart. The engine keeps it going at 16 miles an hour. In addition, it can be swapped between the two modes and reversed with the included Blitz remote control.
    3. Unlike other models, the Blitzart X-Plore has better speed and handling. There are even more streamlined designs.Its battery and electrical components have a thinner case that runs along the length of the plate, rather than a thicker box.
    4. The Blitzart X-Plore has a range of 10 miles or 16 kilometers on a single charge and weighs just 13 pounds or 5.8 kilograms. At high speeds, it provides great maneuverability without losing great balance. The battery takes 2.5 hours to fully charge and lasts all day.
    5. Despite the wide wheelbase, you can’t expect it to give proper vibration reduction. You will still feel the road under your feet.

    Best Features:

    Lightweight Design

    All the Blitzart electric skateboards are very light.This is possible because of the simple lightweight design, made up of several layers of Canadian maple and bamboo.The simple flat-panel design is perfect for this entry-level range.It is also easy to use and learn how to maneuver and speed.The board is also flexible and durable enough to last you a long time and provide you with a great and thrilling experience every day.


    The battery is something the 3 out of the 4 available models have in common. They all charge easily within 2.5 hours. Moreover, it can easily last between 8-10 miles depending on your board and the speed mode you use.


    Newcomers will enjoy learning how to ride and maneuver with a wider wheelbase. The 10in wheelbase gives it great balance, handling, and maneuverability. It also has less potential for falling over time and again.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Blitzart Boards

    How to fix the Blitzart board?
    If your Blitzart board is broken because of regular use it won’t be covered in the warranty. But in case there are manufacturing and electrical defects, you can avail of the warranty period repair/replacement. But in the rare case that there is any sudden crack or chip in your longboard in rare cases, it is best to bring it to the seller’s notice.
    How do I know when my Blitzart board is done charging?
    You can check the battery status by monitoring the LED light bars on the remote provided. It should be all green up to the top to show a full charge.
    How to pair a remote to a Blitzart skateboard?
    You can pair the Blitzart remote to your electric skateboard by first switching on the electrical housing on the board. Then switch on the remote by long-pressing the ON button and it should pair in no time.
    Is my Blitzart electric skateboard waterproof?
    No, your electric skateboard isn’t waterproof or water-resistant. Any exposure to water through rain or wet puddles can get inside the electric housing. This will damage and rust the moving parts and wheels of the Blitzart electric skateboard. Moreover, your board can get soggy and lose its strength and flexibility and crack over time.
    How long can my Blitzart board last?
    Your Blitzart electric skateboard can go up to 8-10 miles on a single charge. It can vary depending upon your use of the two-speed modes by switching from the remote included. It only takes 2.5 hours to charge your Blitzart board and it should get you through the day of medium use or less than half a day of high usage.
    Which colors can I get the Blitzart board in?
    Blitzart boards come in a variety of four available colors across all models. The color only varies in terms of wheel color, and board stripes to some extent. The available colors are red, black, orange and grass green.
    What is the difference between Blitzart Tornado and Huracane?
    There is not much difference between the Blitzart Tornado and Huracane. Only the design of the longboard changes a little bit. But, you can still choose between dual and single motor variants. The dual-motor boards have two 350W motors and take a little longer to charge. Moreover, with dual motors, it is possible to ramp up the speed from 17mph in the Huracane and Tornado single motor variants to up to 23mph. Furthermore, even the battery is 5.2AH in dual-motor versions instead of the 4AH in single motor versions.
    Can I get all colors in the dual motor Blitzart electric skateboards?
    The dual-motor versions of the Blitzart Electric skateboards are only available in black and orange.
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