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    About Exway Boards

    Exway skateboards are a range of mid-range high performance electric skateboards.If you are looking for a model that has both good performance and style on a not so low budget, the Exway board model is a wise choice.The entire collection maintains a sleek black look and boasts quality construction, performance, and a nice design.In addition, you can get four models of Exway boards – Exway X1, Exway Flex, Exway X1Pro, and Exway X1 Riot.The Exway X1 is the cheapest and may not be easy to get as it has been discontinued.The best thing about the Exway is choosing to swap trucks according to your needs, and all models come in two variants.You can choose between the default Flex-Hub build or the Flex-Riot build.Flex-riot has a belt-driven mechanism. If you’d like to see Exway boards compare their competitors, check out our zBoard Review, Acton Blink Board Review, and WowGo Board Review articles.

    Various Electric skateboards from Exway

    Exway Flex

    Flex board

    Photo from Electrek

    This high-performance electric skateboard, done for more and less cost is Exway’s most affordable electric skateboard after the Exway X1. With a simple design and two variants – Flex-Hub and Flex-Riot, you can choose to have a board that is high-performance, and provides a fluid experience, just as you want.

    • The Exway Flex can reach speeds of 25 MPH or 40 KPH.Compared to the price of Exway Flex, this speed is impressive.You can choose how you want to ride, because you can switch between motors, choosing hub motors or belt motors.This makes riding a bike a much better experience.
    • It also comes with a replaceable IP5 waterproof battery.It can run about 20 miles or 32 kilometers on a single charge.Thanks to its smart battery, it only takes 90 minutes to recharge.The board also has regenerative braking to make it more energy efficient.
    • The boards are made of bamboo and fiberglass.These materials give it more flexibility, durability and strength.It also maintains a simple yet stylish look.The plate also contributes a great deal of vibration absorption due to the foam grip on the tape.This kind of tape is not only waterproof, but also gives you a better and more comfortable experience.
    • The Exway Flex also tolerates a gradient of 30 degrees and a weight of 7.7 kilograms.This further enhances its handling and gives you a smooth, vibration-free ride.
    • The Exway Flex also has 85mm wheels.You can choose between the wheel hub and the belt motor for a powerful experience.In addition, the board also has a decent size of 94cm x 29.3cm or 37in x11.5 in to give you plenty of room to ride easily.
    • You can also use the Exway app for a better experience and to view statistics and other information on the electric skateboard.

    Exway X1 Pro

    Exway X1 Pro

    Photo from Electrek

    The Exway X1 Pro is a nice upgrade on the now discontinued Exway X1. It adds several hardware upgrades while offering you great riding experience. Moreover, you can now swap between hub and belt motors to customize your riding experience.

    • The Exway X1 Pro also comes with a smart battery and drivetrain.This will customize your riding experience according to different driving modes.The 193Wh battery also supports fast charging.You can fully recharge it in 70 minutes.It can also last 16 miles or 26 kilometers and can last about a day.In the case of high usage, you can rely on a very short break to recharge and get it running again.
    • The ride experience is further enhanced by a customizable drive system.It can also drive the board to 29 miles per hour or 46.6 kilometers per hour, which is pretty fast for anything you can get in this section.In addition, it has regenerative braking, giving you a better and more efficient riding experience.
    • The plate is also fairly light at 6.8 kg and can still tolerate gradients of up to 30 degrees.The Exway X1Pro is also weatherproof and comes with interchangeable PU sleeves.The shock-absorbing grip tape adds a layer of smooth ride to it.
    • The best part of the Exway X1 Pro besides its simple board design and performance is its weatherproof ability.This applies not only to its boards, but also to moving parts, such as ball bearings inside the 85mm wheel.So you don’t have to worry about the board or the water on the board.
    • The board is also 36.8 inches by 10.6 inches and 93.5 centimeters by 27 centimeters.This gives you plenty of room to maneuver and stand comfortably on the board.Also, thanks to the board coming in with a line x dust and waterproof coating, you can get as messy as you like!

    Exway X1 Riot

    Exway X1 Pro Riot

    Photo from briancmoses.com

    This board has swappable wheels, trucks, and even PU sleeves. Not only can you customize it entirely, but it also rely on its materials for long term durability.

    • Exway X1 Riot has an impressive performance range that you’ll love. The belt-driven train with powerful twin 750W motors makes its impressive power pack. It runs fast and provides a stable riding experience.
    • The Exway X1 Riot can reach speeds of 29 miles per hour or 45 kilometers per hour. With a powerful output of 1500W X 2, it can give you an incredibly fast and thrilling ride. Perfect for outdoor and hillside riding, the Exway X1 Riot also tolerates a 30-degree slope.
    • In addition, the 193Wh battery has an average battery life of 16mils or 25.75 km. This day is good enough. In addition, the best part of its battery is its fast charging function. You can charge Exway panel batteries around. 70 minutes with quick charger and up to 3 hours with standard included charger.
    • Weighing 16 pounds, or 7.25 kilograms, the Exway X1 Riot, like other high-end boards, maintains great stability without exceeding 10 kilograms. So it’s easier to carry and operate than other high-end electric scooters.
    • The sleek appearance with shock-absorbing grip tapes makes the Exway X1 Riot a great smooth ride. In addition, it comes with regenerative braking, giving you an energy-saving ride.
    • Its movement and powerful mechanical noise give you a better thrilling experience. Don’t worry, the noise won’t affect its power/mass in any way. Exway X1 Riot is also built with quality materials. Even if you use it strictly every day, you can keep it as good as new. Simple design, easy to clean and maintain, plus the natural luster of the material.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Exway Boards

    How much is an Exway Board?
    Exway boards come in three main available variants. The pricing depends on the drivetrain version as well as the model you choose to go for. Here are the approximate prices you can expect when considering buying an Exway board:

    • The Exway Flex is the lowest priced out of the three available models. You can get the Flex-Motor version for $649 and the Belt motor Flex-Riot drivetrain for $699.
    • The Exway X1 Pro starts at $749 for the default board package with the Hub motor drive train. The second package with the default board and hub motor and a Riot belt motor drive train start at $959. You can switch between the two motor types depending upon your needs.
    • The Exway X1 Riot starts at $799 with the Riot belt drive train motor with no hub motor option.
    Is the Exway X1 Riot waterproof?
    Yes, the Exway X1 Riot is IP55 water-resistant to some degree. You can be worry-free when it comes to the motor and board’s exposure to water. However, like any other board, the bearings and other moving parts lose their water-resistant material over time. So, while it would be safe to use the board or wash it with water in case it’s too dirty, be cautious when it comes to water exposure. You can always replace parts and get a new belt motor in case you see your moving parts catching rust or not performing well.
    How fast can my Exway Board go?
    Depending on the model and speed mode you choose, your Exway boards can go quite fast. However, each board can have different performance stats and you can check them below:

    • Exway X1 Flex: No matter which hub motor or belt motor drive train you go for, the Exway X1 Flex can go up to 25mph or 40kmph. While it is an affordable board, Exway X1 Flex can switch between different speed modes too. Its top speed being the above-mentioned 25mph or 40kmph.
    • Exway X1 Pro: Unlike the Exway X1 Flex, the Exway X1 Pro does have a speed difference between the two drive train models. The default hub motor version of the Exway X1 Pro can go up to 29mph or 46.6kmph. On the other hand, the belt motor drivetrain can go up to a max speed of 26mph or 42kmph.
    • Exway X2 Riot: The Exway X1 Riot can go up to a max speed of 29mph or 45kmph. The speed doesn’t change as it is only equipped with the belt motor drive train.
    In case any part breaks/deteriorates over time, where can I get them?
    You can get separate accessories for your Exway boards on Amazon, Zboardshop.com as well as the official site. Here is a list of available upgrades to choose from and their prices:

    • Fast Charger/Quick charger: This is the most essential accessory you can get to charge your Exway boards quickly. It can charge your Exway boards within 70-90 minutes. It’s worth the investment if you use your board intensively on a daily basis. The Fast charger is available for $99.
    • X1 Riot Drivetrain: This is the best feature of all the Exway Boards. Getting a Riot drivetrain further enhances your experience. Weighing approx. 2.5kg in total, the X1 Riot Drivetrains delivers a smooth, stable, and powerful performance for your board. It has a max power of 1500W X 2 and stays cool and delivers even in long high speed rides. You can get the drivetrain for $249.
    • Riot Belt: Your X1 Riot Drivetrain already has internal belts for security alongside a protective casing. But you can still get extra belts at an affordable price of $24.9.
    • X1 Pro shock-absorbing grip tape: The thick and shock-absorbing grip tape on your Exway X1 Pro board can tolerate a lot. But like all other high use items can deteriorate over time. You can get the X1 Pro shock-absorbing grip tape for $30. You can also get the standard grip tape for $20.
    • Hub Motor Cover: Your X1 Riot drivetrain is well built to protect internal components and ensure long term use. However, in case your outer motor cover gets damaged, you can get the hub motor cover for $30.
    • Flex Battery: If you find your battery dying quickly because of long term use, you can always buy a new one. A new Exway board battery costs $299.
    • Shred Lights: If you use your Exway electric skateboard at night, the shred lights are must-haves. You can install them easily on the front and back part of your electric skateboard. Because of this, you can forget worrying about people not seeing you in traffic or in sudden turns. You can get them for $49.99.
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