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    About Koowheel Boards

    Koowheel skateboard is a very cheap electric skateboard. Not only is it light in weight, but also it has good performance. At the same time, the board is strictly at the entry level and for newcomers. In addition, Koowheel’s model has a more do-it-yourself, sleek look, rather than the over-the-top design sought by other brands. This gives you a more traditional board experience. But it also has the added ability to integrate technology into it. The Koowheel board model is also very flexible. It keeps power in all the necessary parts, giving you more flexibility. In addition, the Koowheel remote control gives you more intuitive control. You can also learn the basics without paying too much attention to controls. It has a unique ring design. If you want to see how Koowheel compares to its competitors, here’s our review of the Products of Lou Board, Riptide Board and Exway Board. 

    Various Koowheel Board Models

    Koowheel Kooboard FB1

    Koowheel FB1

    Photo from Real

    The Koowheel Kooboard FB1 is one of the most basic electric skateboards you can buy. It will not only give you a nice range, but also a great performance. This board has a plain, sleek, and traditional DIY look. The FB1 also has an impressive grip tape for newcomers to get the hang of an electric skateboard. Moreover, it also has an IPX4 water resistance rating to handle the occasional puddle or more.

    • Koowheel Kooboard FB1 is also one of the most capable entry-level budget boards in the market.This is because it can reach speeds of 25km/h or 15.5mph.So it’s not going to be too fast, it’s not going to be below average.For a newcomer, this is a lot of speed to get the hang before upgrading.
    •  In a word, Koowheel Kooboard FB1 is durable and waterproof.It can support a user’s weight of 50-100kg.Keep in mind that exceeding this value can seriously affect its performance.It will also reduce its durability and strain its structure.
    •  The battery life of Koowheel Kooboard FB1 can reach 10-15 kilometers or 6-9 miles.Whether it’s on your daily commute or a leisurely bike ride down the street, it can take all day.In addition, due to the components included in the motherboard, the battery power consumption is not very high, so it can be charged within 1.5 hours.This means less charging time and more cycling time.
    •  Another great feature of Koowheel Kooboard FB1 is its mountain climbing tolerance.Kooboard FB1 can climb to 25 degrees on hilly roads.As long as it’s a smooth road, you won’t have any problems going up or down.This type of skateboard is not designed for off-road use and would be better used in an urban environment.
    •  The size of Koowheel Kooboard FB1 is about 67.8cm x 22.3cm x 11.6cm or 26.6in x 8.7in x 0.45in.With these sizes, it’s smaller and more portable.With a slightly concave look and sleek design, you have an easy to carry board.

    Koowheel Kooboard Gen 2

    Gen 2 Board

    Photo from myproscooter.com

    This is an upgrade and better performance variant of Koowheel Kooboard FB1. It brings performance and design upgrades. Although this is an entry-level/mid-sized board, its capabilities and upgrades are worth considering. The Koowheel board sports a smooth and lightweight design. It also has a black surface and a flat, slightly concave form.

    • Koowheel Kooboard Gen 2 is also more tolerant and rugged than its predecessors.It offers amazing ultra-fast performance and long battery life.You can expect Kooboard Gen 2 to last 12-15 miles or 20-25 km on a single charge.While this can get you through 1-2 days without charging, the charging time is also negligible.This means that if you use it throughout the day, you don’t have to wait more than 2-3 hours to fully recharge.
    • Koowheel Kooboard Gen 2 also has a Canadian maple built to be resilient and durable, as it is flexible.The plates measure about 36 inches, 10 inches, 5 inches or 90 centimeters, 25 centimeters, 13 centimeters and weigh about one.17 pounds or 7.7 kilograms.These factors and the weight of the board give it more balance.They also provide more handling, staying on the road, turning and carving with ease.
    • The electric skateboard can also withstand 25 degrees of slope.This means that on a smooth road, going up or down shouldn’t be a problem.Thanks to its twin brushless 350W hub motors, Koowheel Kooboard Gen 2 can also rise to a maximum speed of 26 MPH or 42 km/h.The 97mm 85A hard wheel provides additional balance and vibration reduction.
    • Another big advantage of Koowheel Kooboard Gen 2 is that it has two battery variants.It comes in 4,300 mah and 5,500 mah variants.Batteries are also relatively easy to charge.The plate also has regenerative braking, so it is more efficient and lasts longer.The scooters can also hold a user’s weight of 130 kilograms or 286 pounds.Exceeding this weight will affect the performance and durability of the board.

    Frequently Ask Question About Koowheel Boards

    What are the dimensions of a Koowheel Board?
    Koowheel Kooboard FB1 has a smaller form factor and measures about 67.8cm by 22.3cm by 11.6cm or 26.6in by 8.7in by 0.45in. The Koowheel Kooboard Gen 2 measures approx. 36in by 10in by 5in or 90cm by 25cm by 13cm. As entry-level skateboards, both the electric skateboards offer great portability because of the lightweight and sleek design.
    How does Koowheel Board work?
    Koowheel Kooboards features a wireless remote control with a special ergonomics and unique look that lets you control its brakes, acceleration, and other Settings.It has easy-to-use controls that make it perfect for novices to focus on the experience and have an intuitive use rather than a search button action.
    What is the Weight of a Koowheel Board?
    Koowheel Kooboard Gen 2 weighs approx. 7.7kg or 17lbs and the Koowheel hover shoes weigh about 3.3kg for each hover shoe.
    Does a Koowheel Board have a weight limit?
    Yes, both models of the Koowheel Kooboard have a weight limit.Given that they are entry-level skateboards, you can expect their performance to take a hit after crossing the threshold, and the same applies to builds.Koowheel Kooboard FB1: The maximum tolerance is 50-100kg, but the ideal weight can reach 50kg.
    How long does a Koowheel Board take to charge?
    Koowheel Kooboard’s electric skateboard has an amazing battery life, which is also reflected in the charging time of the two skateboards.Koowheel Kooboard FB1: It takes 1.5 hours to fully charge.
    How long does a Koowheel Board’s battery last?
    You can expect your Koowheel Kooboard FB1 battery to last up to 10-15km or 6-9miles approx. depending upon use and speed. On the other hand, the Koowheel Kooboard Gen 2 can last up to 12-15 miles or 20-25 km approx. depending upon speed and weight.
    How fast does a Koowheel Board can go?
    The Koowheel Kooboards have capable motors and can go up to Koowheel Kooboard FB1: 25kmph or 15.5mph.
    How to control the speed of the Koowheel Board?
    You can easily control the speed of your Koowheel electric skateboard using an easy-to-use and intuitive wireless remote control included in the bag.The red knob is easy to touch, and you can use your thumb to control the board’s speed and acceleration.In addition, there is a forward and backward mode selector on the side where you can control the direction.You must control the remote control buttons gently and smoothly, rather than suddenly moving to be safe, rather than jerking and falling off the board.
    Is Koowheel Board waterproof?
    No, Koowheel Kooboard is not waterproof.However, they are waterproof and IPX4 certified.So, you can expect your board to endure the occasional puddle or drizzle on the way to work or home for a while.But moving parts tend to rust over time due to water and dust, despite water resistance.It is electrical components that seal well, even to some extent, to the board.
    Should I go for Koowheel hover shoes or the Koowheel electric skateboards?
    If you’re looking for something purely entertaining, not for daily commuting, indoor or street use, Koowheel Hover shoes serve your purpose. However, electric skateboard can be used for both commuting and entertainment. Generally speaking, case is the best choice. Koowheel’s hoverboard shoes are definitely heavier and more aesthetically pleasing than electric skateboards. Kooboard, on the other hand, is more portable, lighter and more portable when you travel in and around the city.
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