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    About Skatebolt Electric Skateboards:

    Skatebolt electric skateboards are a stylish range of electric skateboards. Their simple DIY design looks and performance will wow you. These boards lie in the medium level price segment which starts at $399. If you’re looking for boards with cool features and powerful performance, Skatebolt is where you can stop your search. They all share a high-quality build and come with a sleek and easy to use the wireless remote. It comes with a backlit display to view stats and other info. The Skatebolt electric board itself is easy to use. It has well-placed buttons and a backlit blue screen that shows your board status. You can switch between three different speed modes too as per your needs. If you’re enjoying this Skatebolt review articles, you might want to check out our Exway board, WowGo board, and Backfire board review articles.

    Various Skatebolt Electric Skateboards:

    Skatebolt Tornado Pro:

    Tornado Pro

    Photo from Amazon

    The Skatebolt Tornado Pro is the upgraded version of the Skatebolt Tornado lI. It’s equipped with a powerful battery and an appealing slim design. The Skatebolt Tornado Pro is a polished maple deck board. It has features and performance statistics to make your riding experience last long and give you a thrill. Continue reading this Skatebolt review article to find out more.

    • Skatebolt Tornado Pro is equipped with 7500Ah batteries.It has a long life and it charges quickly. The range is 22-25 miles or 354-40 kilometers on a single charge. This will give you more time to skateboard and less worry about recharging.
    • Skatebolt Tornado Pro also had an impressive performance. The hub motor is placed inside the lower compartment to keep it hidden.It provides a silent high capacity of power. You can reach top speeds up to 24-27 MPH or 38.6-43.4 KPH with this board. You can also use the remote control to choose a three-speed mode.
    • At the same time, you’re sure to get enough room for your feet to manage the handling of the board. It has 90mm wheels, giving you more power and speed.The Skatebolt Tornado Pro measures about 38 inches, 9.4 inches, 5.5 inches, or 96.5 cm, 23.8 cm, 13.97 cm. Eight layers of Canadian maple support keep the board flexible and durable for the long term.
    • Double hub motors are also replaceable.They provide amazing power to the board’s big wheels, with more focus on speed than precision control. Skatebolt Tornado Pro Skateboards are able to climb mountain slopes up to 25 degrees without any difficulty.
    • The tablet also has a sleek black finish. This makes the board look complicated. In addition, Skatebolt Tornado Pro is equipped with taillights. This will give you a safe riding experience during the day and night.


    Skatebolt Breeze S3:

    S3 New Breeze Horizontal

    Photo from Amazon

    Skatebreeze S3 is an entry-level skateboard from Skatebolt. It has a very stylish and simple design and DIY look. This electric skateboard has impressive performance while still keeping a low budget. You can buy either Skatebolt Breeze S3 for $399.

    • Skatebolt Breeze S3 has an 8-story Canadian maple deck that is flexible and durable.The underdeck side has ESC and hub motors in a medium-sized box at the rear of the plate.It can withstand up to 130 kilograms or 280 pounds.
    • Skatebolt Breeze S3, 5000mAh battery, Incredible performance. It only takes two hours to complete the charge. It has a range of 13.6 miles or 22 kilometers on a single charge.
    • The twin 250 watt hub motors also offer great performance at street speeds up to 18.6 km/h or 30 km/h. This is perfect for newcomers and people who like to ride at a decent speed on the street or in their daily commute. In addition, the board can also ascend the slope to a gradient of 15 degrees.
    • Skatebolt Breeze S3 weighed just 14.6 pounds, or 6.6 kilograms. It’s light enough to keep rolling and running at high speed. But it is still heavy enough to ensure proper handling and balance.
    • Skatebolt Breeze S3 also measured about 38 inches, 9 inches, 5.3 inches, or 96.5 centimeters, 22.86 centimeters, and 13.5 centimeters. It gives you enough space under your feet to control the board. This is perfect for beginners.

    Skatebolt Breeze 2:

    Breeze 2

    Photo from Amazon

    This is one of the best models from the Skatebolt range. Skatebolt Breeze 2 is a power source and provides an amazing performance. The board is lightweight, durable and stylish. Learn more about Skatebolt Breeze 2 to continue our skateboard commentary.

    • Skatebolt Breeze 2 is composed of smooth, durable, flexible bamboo and two layers of glass fiber.Its dimensions are about 39 inches, 9 inches, 5 inches, 99 centimeters, 22.9 centimeters, 12.7 centimeters.This gives you a lot of room to handle this board with great balance.
    • Skatebolt Breeze 2 has twin 350W rated hub motors.These provide stunning performances of the board’s street style 100mm wheels.The wheels are large enough to increase the handling and speed of the plate while remaining frictionless.They also give the board a top speed of 28 miles per hour or 45 kilometers per hour.You’ll be excited on your daily commute or in the neighborhood.
    • Skatebolt Breeze 2 also has good range, up to 15 miles or 24 kilometers on a single charge.You can easily do this for a day or even two without having to worry about recharging.This performance also varies depending on the user’s weight and the speed mode chosen.
    • Speed isn’t the only thing you can convert on an electric skateboard.You can also switch between brake modes.The wireless remote control allows you to control a lot of things around the board.It is also easy to use and view information on the LED screen.
    Weight & Control
    • Skatebolt Breeze 2 weighed about 21 pounds or 9.5 kilograms. Due to its weight, it provides good handling and balance. Its weight is crucial because it has enough power to reach higher speeds while still being able to climb steep hills. Skatebolt Breeze 2 is able to climb mountains up to 30 degrees.
    •  One of the best things about Skatebolt Breeze 2 was its cruise control capabilities. This will make you worry less about control and just enjoy riding at the speed you set.

    Skatebolt S5 Mini Lite:

    Skatebolt S5 Mini

    Photo from Amazon

    This is a super compact board from Skatebolt. Not only does it have good performance, it also has great build quality, too. Skatebolt S5 Mini Lite Is the perfect newcomer as well as in search of portability. Continue reading our Skatebolt review article to understand all of its features.

    • Skatebolt S5 Mini Lite also comes with a simple surfboard-style deck design. It comes with decent grip tape to keep your feet on the board with perfect handling at all times. The seven-story Canadian maple deck can withstand heavy user weight. It can also handle shocks while providing enough space.
    • The motherboard is equipped with a 250W battery pack. With speeds of 12.42 MPH or 20 km/h, it still provides a decent speed for your daily commute and urban exploration. Not only does this board save you space, but it also saves valuable time on your daily commute.
    • Skatebolt S5 Mini Lite also came with a nice battery pack that allowed it to fly 9.3 miles or 15 kilometers on a single charge.
    • The S5 Mini Lite weighs about the same. 7.9 pounds 3.58 kg, it’s easy to carry, easy to fly, and most importantly easy to pack, making it aircraft-friendly. It is the perfect traveling companion.
    • It is about 20 inches long, 6.5 inches long, 5.5 inches long, 50.8 centimeters, 16.51 centimeters, 14 centimeters. With this design, it makes you feel like your feet are on wheels instead of skateboarding on wheels. In addition, the board is equipped with a constant speed control. It also has an attractive remote control like other Skatebolt electric skateboards.
    Battery and Parts Replacement
    • This board is only suitable for the urban environment.Its 250W battery is not compatible with any type of ramp or ramp.The Skatebolt S5 Mini Lite was able to tolerate gradients of up to 5 degrees. 
    • Skatebolt S5 Mini Lite Also had replaceable parts on it.If you see worn wheels and other parts, it is easy to repair and replace parts.However, the motor is fixed to the plate, so this is something you cannot easily replace.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Skatebolt Electric Skateboards:

    How to fix the Skatebolt Tornado?
    Your Skatebolt electric skateboards come with a 6-month warranty. This has the exception of long term rough use or accidents. It is best to take your Skatebolt tornado to the shop for fixing and maintenance to make sure you don’t break or create additional defects.
    Are Skatebolt electric skateboards waterproof?
    No, the Skatebolt electric skateboards are not waterproof. Any direct or long term exposure to water can even make the board soggy and even the wheels rusty. The ESC in some models may be water-resistant.
    What is the Skatebolts’ battery model?
    Skateboard electric skateboards have LG battery packs. Moreover, each board has different battery power ratings leading to different battery levels in them.
    What is the warranty provided by Skatebolt?
    You can get a 6-month warranty against manufacturing defects and other manufacturing issues or electrical failure problems.
    How fast can the Skatebolt Tornado go?
    Skatebolt Tornado is available in 2 variants. It comes with a powerful battery and can switch between the different speed modes. Here is what you can expect in terms of top speed from both models:Skatebolt Tornado Li: approximately 19 mph or 30.6 kmphSkatebolt Tornado Pro: up to 24-27 mph or 38.6- 43.4 kmph
    Does the Skatebolt electric skateboard range come with regenerative braking?
    Not all of them do. Skatebolt Tornado Pro comes with regenerative braking.
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