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    About WowGo Boards

    The WowGo electric skateboard is one of the most well-known skateboards on the market. They are known for their high-end technical specifications and durable design. After a few product launches, you can be sure that you will only get the best experience from your WowGo board. WowGo has both low – and high-end electric skateboards. No matter what you buy, you can get the highest quality product at an affordable price. While this range is not entry-level, the WowGo board is reasonably priced due to its build quality and performance. There are several varieties to choose from. You can choose between the street version and the high-end all-terrain version. You can also choose between different variants of each model based on power and technical requirements. To see how WowGo’s offering fared compared to its competitors, check out our Backfire board, Blitzart board, and Boosted board reviews.

    Various models from WowGo Board Range

    WowGo 3X Electric Skateboard


    3X Board

    Photo from WowGo Board

    This flat-style board has a simple look, but is crafted to give you a quick and exciting experience. This is one of the best WowGo electric skateboards that you can get its best feature is its speed.

    Product Features
    • The WowGo 3X is a durable electric skateboard.The board adopts double 600W motor.It can move at an amazing speed. It also has great balance because these belt motors give stability. It also has 90mm wheels, which are just as good on the go. However, there are still some shortcomings in vibration reduction.
    • The WowGo 3X has 260Wh battery. Because of this, it lasts longer and takes less time to recharge — just three hours. With its durable battery, the WowGo 3X can go 14 miles or 22.5 kilometers on a single charge. The battery is also replaceable, and you have the option of buying an extra one. In addition to all this, the board comes to regenerative braking to give you a long battery.
    • The WowGo 3X also comes in a different speed mode, which you can easily control and switch with a remote control. The speed mode is:
    1. Low: 0-20 KMPH
    2. Normal: 0 to 30 KMPH
    3. Fast: 0-39 KMPH
    4. Turbine: 0-39 KMPH
    • In addition, you can use the WowGo triply to ride safely at a 25-30 degree incline depending on speed and strength.
    • The board also has a proper weight grip and provides more balance and stability. WowGo weighs about 7.8 kilograms. It has a tough layer of bamboo and fiberglass. These materials give the plate great flexibility, damping, and packing strength.

    WowGo 3 Electric Skateboard


    WowGo 3

    Photo from WowGo Board

    The WowGo 3, a predecessor to the WowGo 3X, is cheaper, but still high quality and powerful.In addition, the board comes in two battery capacities and two trendy color variants.You can buy WowGo 3 in orange and black, as well as choose between 6Ah and 8Ah battery options.

    Product Features
    • WowGo 3 is a great performer and has paid a great price. In addition, the flexibility and strength of the bamboo and fiberglass layers make them long-lasting. This also gives the board a nice concave surface. Grip is another benefit to keeping your feet steady.
    • There is only a $100 difference between the 8Ah and 6Ah battery versions of WowGo 3. The battery is also fairly fast, with a full charge of three hours and up to four hours on the 8Ah version. In addition, the battery can last up to 14mils or 22.5km. It’s been a good day and don’t worry about your board.
    • The 90mm wheel is also great when it comes to shock and vibration absorption. The Paris truck further assists with better stability and movement of your board. These features make this amazing board build speed to handle you with great stability.
    • The WowGo 3 can reach 24 MPH or 39 km/h and still maintain a lot of stability. This ensures you a great ride that you can control with an OLED remote. In addition, the remote control lets you switch to turbine mode for higher speeds. The turbine ESC enables this plate to be equipped with one of the best electrical specifications you can expect in this price range.
    • Bamboo and fiberglass are also waterproof. It won’t absorb the splash if you happen to pass through a wet puddle. But it is not advisable to use it in wet conditions because it can still reach the electronics, wheels, trucks, and solve the rust time. The WowGo 3 is also a great stability plate, which weighs about 7.8kg and comes with regenerative braking.
    • Despite its weight, it can climb a 30-degree slope. Its speed and design make it ideal for riding in hilly areas. Regenerative braking makes batteries more energy efficient.

    WowGo 2S Electric Skateboard

    WowGo 2S

    Photo from YouTube

    The WowGo 2S electric skateboard is one of the most affordable and competitive electric skateboards of WowGo. It lies strictly in the entry-level range and still offers much more than its pricing.

    Product Features
    • As the main entry level board in range, the WowGo 2S is simple, lightweight, and does more than it looks. Meanwhile, the WowGo 2S has an eight-layer maple board, which is slim but durable. However, it lacks flexibility and you cannot expect any concave form from the plate. Dual grip on the WowGo 2S is a great feature. It gives you more control and stability, especially when it comes to manipulating it. It also serves the passive function of vibration reduction from its rear wheel.
    • The WowGo 2S has two hub motors to drive its 90mm wheels. The plate is even more energy efficient with regenerative braking. It’s something you’d have a hard time finding in this range.
    • 144Wh battery gives the plate a range of 12 miles or 18.5km, which is quite impressive. In addition, you can even get this plate at three different power requirements. WowGo 2S is available in 4Ah, 6.4AH, and 8.5AH battery versions. It usually takes three hours to recharge, which can vary depending on the model.
    • Maple laminate size is approximately 38 inches by 9.05 inches or 96.5 centimeters or 23 centimeters. The plate also has a carved side on the handle rod, making it easy to carry on a daily basis.
    • The WowGo 2S is also fast enough to reach a top speed of 23.5 miles per hour or 38 kilometers per hour. That’s pretty fast for this board, especially considering its 7.6kg weight. In addition, it can effortlessly climb up a 30-degree slope. That’s why WowGo 2 is a complete package. Its performance outperforms several of its competitors.

    WowGo Mini Electric Skateboard

    WowGo Mini

    Photo from Board Addicts

    For a more compact mini range, the WowGo Mini Skateboard is a big performer in an impressive little package. This is a 28-inch panel, available in three different models – 4Ah, 6.4AH and 8.5AH – depending on the battery requirements. You can also choose an extra remote in case you easily lose or damage your skateboard remote.

    Product Features
    • This mini-board is small where you need it and powerful where it matters.The WowGo Mini electric skateboard has 7 levels of Canadian maple boards.It can hold a maximum weight of 150kg.However, considering that it is so small, it is not so flexible or concave, so it is better to keep the recommended weight at 120kg.It’s 70cm by 23cm and it’s very durable in terms of price and size.
    • The WowGo Mini is also quite fast, reaching 38 kilometers per hour.It even has three modes to switch between the attached remote controls.Upgraded bearing and wing ESC also give it a great stopping power.
    • The dual motors on the WowGo Mini are 250W, so they provide 500W power to the motherboard.In addition, the board weighs about 7kg, which is quite heavy for its size, but provides a great balance.
    • The WowGo Mini Electric also has an impressive range, depending on the model you get:
    1. The 4Ah can last 10-12 miles (approx. 16-19 km)
    2. 6.4Ah version lasts up to 12.5-14MILs (about 20.5-22.5km)
    3. 8.5Ah type duration up to 15.5-19 miles (approx. 25-30 km)
    • Despite its small size and above-average overall weight, the WowGo Mini electric skateboard can climb slopes of 25-30 degrees, so you can use it in hilly areas.

    WowGo KT Electric Skateboard


    WowGo KT

    Photo from YouTube

    This is an updated and enlarged version of the WowGo Mini. At 35 inches in length, it is of medium size. Like its predecessor, WowGo KT comes in three different battery models – 4Ah, 6.4AH and 8.5AH.

    Product Features
    • WowGo KT has updated the boards – not only in terms of length, but also in terms of material.It adds a layer of bamboo to the existing seven-storey Canadian maple wood planks.This not only increases flexibility, it also increases strength.In addition, it now weighs about 7.5 kilograms, the recommended weight is 120 kilograms, but it can withstand 150 kilograms.
    • WowGo KT has a Kicktail design that makes it easy to manipulate and handle.The motherboard is also equipped with a better ESC, further enhancing its acceleration and deceleration.The WowGo Mini is also waterproof, but like all skateboards, it’s best not to let water in as it rusts moving parts.
    • WowGo KT can also reach 38 kilometers per hour.You can switch the speed from including the remote control by selecting different modes.
    • It also has the same range as the WowGo Mini on different battery versions.WowGo KT can travel 30 kilometers or 19 miles on a single charge.It depends only on the environmental factors and the load on the board.
    • In addition, depending on external factors, the WowGo KT board can be tilted upward by 25 to 30 degrees.
    • The WowGo KT is also equipped with twin 250W motors to power the wheels fast enough.In addition, the battery charging time is only 2-3 hours.

    WowGo AT (All-Terrain) Electric Skateboard

    All Terrain

    Photo from Reddit

    The WowGo AT is as capable as it is good looking. It’s one of the best and most affordable all-terrain electric skateboards. Moreover, the board is now completely waterproof so you do not need to worry about the board getting soggy or any damage to the ESC and motors.

    Product Features
    • The WowGo All-Terrain is a very good electric skateboard.It comes with an upgraded remote view of statistics and other information that you need to evaluate and review your board and performance.Of course, it won’t let you down on the road and you’re sure to have an exciting experience.
    • The WowGo AT also comes with a large 14Ah battery.When the board exceeds your expectations, you can focus on entertainment.The skateboard has a top speed of 36 kilometers per hour.It accelerates and decelerates very smoothly.It also covers a 30-degree slope, so cycling on steep slopes is not a problem for WowGo.
    • It has a range of up to 36 kilometers, depending on power consumption and the mode you plan to use it in.A day on the hill is no problem at all.In addition, the board is also waterproof and dustproof, so your electronic components and motors are safe from elements.
    • The WowGo AT also has an impressive and durable board, which is also quite flexible.It has 8 layers of Canadian maple and fiberglass to ensure long-term durability.In addition, it can withstand a load of 120 kilograms.Although it can carry a weight of 150 kg, its weight will lengthen it, reduce its service life, making it easy to break and lose its durability.
    • While its Numbers are impressive, the WowGo AT is also quite heavy, AT just 13 kilograms.While it can provide handling for exceptions, it can be annoying to carry around.The board is also equipped with a dual texture grip, so you can even focus on maneuvers and improve handling.

    Frequently Asked Questions about WowGo Boards

    What battery to get with WowGo 2S?
    The WowGo 2S comes in three variants of battery type included- the 4Ah, 6.4Ah and 8.5Ah. You can choose to have more range and power to deliver depending on the battery type:

    1. 4Ah battery: 10-12mils
    2. 6.4Ah battery: 12.5- 14mils
    3. 8.5Ah battery: 15.5-19mils
    How to charge WowGo Remote?
    Use a USB cable to attach to the USB port located at the bottom of the WowGo remote. Charge it till all the 4 indicators show it’s fully charged. Moreover, it takes a mere 30 minutes to charge the remote.
    How long does the WowGo 2S take to charge?
    The WowGo 2S has a variety of battery models and can take anywhere between 2-3 hours to recharge completely.
    How to replace WowGo 2S Hub Motors?
    Take it to the seller or a repair shop. Doing it yourself can just break the board.
    How to turn on WowGo wrist band?
    The WowGo wristband automatically stays switched on in dormant mode. However, you can just give it a single tap to check the screen. Moreover, it is best to pair it with the app to stay updated and synchronize your info.
    How to order WowGo 2S?
    You can order the WowGo 2S from Amazon as well as in the various package types it comes in.
    How long does it take WowGo to deliver?
    Depending upon your location, your new WowGo board can reach you within a week from Amazon, or a fortnight if purchased from other sellers.
    How to mount WowGo 2S Tail light?
    The taillights that come with your WowGo 2S are not a super-tough or well-built part.Therefore, putting it on the kick tail to act as a taillight will eventually damage it.However, you can still put it in your backpack or helmet and use it as a reflective taillight.
    Which WowGo battery is airplane safe?
    It is best to take the battery out before traveling by air to prevent any accidents or explosion because of the decrease in air pressure and other potential hazards. Also, check your airline’s rules about this.
    How to check WowGo 2S Battery?
    You can check your WowGo 2S battery using the remote screen.
    When to change my WowGo wheels?
    Your WowGo electric skateboard wheels are very durable and last a long time. However, some plates may have different wheels of different hardness and thickness. When you feel too much vibration under your feet, it may be time to change your wheels. You can even buy wheels separately for your electric skateboard.
    How to pair WowGo 2S remote?
    1. First, switch on the power button on the ESC on your WowGo 2S. This should make the light turn on.
    2. Next, turn on your WowGo 2S remote by long pressing on the ON/OFF button.
    3. Now, you can see that your board is paired successfully with your WowGo 2S remote.
    Which variant of WowGo Mini to buy?
    There are a variety of options that you can choose for your WowGo Mini. Since it is a small electric skateboard, it is going to have room for a small battery by default. However, you can still choose between the three battery variants – 4Ah, 6.4Ah, and 8.5Ah. It can take up to three hours to recharge depending upon the model you go with. Moreover, each battery variant has a different range:

    1. The 4Ah version lasts up to 10-12mils (16-19km approximately)
    2. The 6.4Ah version lasts up to 12.5-14mils (20.5-22.5km approximately)
    3. The 8.5Ah version lasts up to 15.5-19mils (25-30km approximately)
    Is the WowGo Mini waterproof?
    No, the WowGo Mini board isn’t waterproof at all. Water exposure can make it soggy and lose its durability. Riding it through wet puddles might seem thrilling but can lead to slipping and falling as well as lead to rust and corrosion in the moving parts.
    How to adjust the steering sensitivity in WowGo AT?
    You can simply tighten or loosen the bolt in the trucks of the board. But doing it too regularly cly lead to deterioration of the board.


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