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    Introduction About Yecoo Board:

    As an entry-level electric skateboard with a more affordable range, the Yecoo board presents you with a simple look and great value. If you prefer skateboarding to walking, then you like skateboarding as much as Yecoo. In general, Yecoo boards are good value for money throughout their range. This is something users also like – there is this feeling of a board while speeding through the street. With electric skateboards, you can do so much more. If you want to spend more time on your surfboard than paddling, this is for you. However, the best thing about Yecoo boards is their performance and simple overall design.

    Various Versions of Yecoo Board:

    The Yecoo electric skateboards, with powerful electronics, you can get all kinds of Yecoo boards and models. Yecoo skateboards are capable and provide a great experience. Here are the Yecoo boards you can choose from:

    Yecoo Board GTS


    Photo of Yecoo GTS

    As one of the best skateboards, you can get started and get value for money. Yecoo GTS is also called urban cross-country vehicle. The 83mm PU wheel is used on flat road, while the 6-inch off-road wheel is used on dirt road, grass road, hill road and mountain road. The replacement of wheels can be done quickly in two minutes.

    Product Features
    • GTS uses a seal bottom case design,the controller box and the battery box are packed together, what’s more, two cool light tubes equipped on the battery box will change their direction and speed as the skateboard rides.   Dual 1000 watts motor provides strong power and high speed. And motor external, do not directly contact the ground, no wear of course. Comes with high torque, 1:3 deceleration ratio, supporting strong power.
    • YECOO has upgraded their third-generation truck, made of al-alloy material, therefore the truck is convenient to disassemble and reassemble. Belt tightness is easy to adjust, and the belt noise effect is good, but it is easy to wear out over time.
    • Yecoo GTS provide 3 type of Samsung battery: 6.6Ah, 9.0Ah and 10.5Ah, and both of them are 10S3P. Samsung battery, undoubtedly, is currently the best electric skateboard battery brand on the market.
    • the longboard with a higher hardness allows the weight of the skateboard to reach 330 lbs (150kg)

    Yecoo Board GT


    Photo of Yecoo GT

    Yecoo GT electric skateboard is a brand new design, which pays more attention to details while improving performance. Yecoo GT is a 2-in-1 mode with street and all-terrain, which can switch between urban road and off road, which is a completely different experience.

    Product Features
    • Dual 1000 watts dual drive provides strong power and high speed. With belt motor more flexible torque.There are, high torque, 1:3 deceleration ratio, more power, better stability. Motor external, do not directly contact the ground, so you don’t have to worry about wear.
    • The lithium battery,go up to 22miles with the extended range ( actual range will be affected by road conditions, the rider weight, temperature, etc ). You see, today most boards comes with a 10 miles+ range, especially with this price tag.
    • The top speed is 22 miles per hour. 3 ride modes, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. What’s more, ach mode has different top speed and acceleration, making it easy for every type of rider to enjoy this board. And as you progress and get more comfortable, you can switch to a more advanced mode.
    • Yecoo has developed their third truck, which is made of aluminium alloy, convenient to disassemble and reassemble, and the belt tightness can be easily adjusted. So that the truck is what really makes the GT board special.

    Yecoo Board XJ

    Photo of Yecoo XJ

    Yecoo XJ is a hub driven electric skateboard which is just $479. After so many testing, and according to serval times upgrading, XJ’s hardware and performance have been greatly improved. Now, is it absolutely very cost-performance?

    Product Features
    • XJis driven by dual hub motor that power is 600 watts of each. Undoubtedly, the power of hub motor is not as powerful as belt motor because the motor is embed into wheels. But it still powerful than most other hub driven electric skateboard. Besides, XJ will make a little noise.
    • I don’t think LG batteries are as good as Samsung batteries, but in terms of power batteries, the performance of LG batteries is still satisfactory. The 10s3p connection method is more common in the skateboard market. So in terms of battery, XJ is not particularly outstanding, but the price is OK.
    • Actually, the range of skateboard is influenced by a lot of factors, such as weight of a person, the road conditions. I ride it on a flat street where has less steep and muddy road. Finally, I tested the max range of XJ is 16.3 miles.
    • For the Power, top speed and Hill climbing, each hub motor offers 600 Watts powerful power, which is not catch up to belt driven motor but still powerful to support climb 20% slope. The top speed can up to 27.9 mph theoretically, and the result of my test is that the top speed of a person with a weight of 162 lbs is 21.7 mph.
    • The remote is more quality, which has been upgraded according to ESC. The remote control is completely different from the previous one, and it is more comfortable to hold in the hand. Also, because the control algorithm is optimized according to ESC’s upgrading , the remote control system can more accurately control the speed and brake of the skateboard.

    Best Features of Yecoo Boards:

    Yecoo Boards have their own set of technical specs that they specialize and outshine competitors with:


    For electronic boards in the entry-level range, the mileage of the Yecoo board is impressive. With only a 2-4 hour charge, the various Yecoo boards can cover 18-21 miles, from the lowest to the highest. This means that skating on the Yecoo board is entirely possible.In addition, you can even make it part of your lifestyle by skating to work and avoiding cars and bikes through the crowded lanes on the side quickly. The Yecoo board provides enough mileage to maintain your short charging time for a long time.


    The speed of the Yecoo circuit board is impressive.The Yecoo has a top speed of 25 MPH for entry-level DIY electric boards. This is accompanied by brakes that will balance the entire board, giving you a quick and graceful deceleration. This is particularly laudable because of its impressive battery level and overall braking system. If you want to compare the Yecoo board with other brands, here is our Board review to help you.

    Frequently Ask Question About Yecoo Boards

    Where is the Yecoo Board made?

    The Yecoo Boards are made in Shenzhen, China and ship worldwide via various online retailers.

    Are Yecoo Boards good?

    The quality of Yecoo boards are really good. Their priority is to focus on the quality of their products. In the electric skateboard market competition, it also has great value. Due to the small number of charging times, at least half a day or a whole day to use the board is no problem. Moreover, even the cheapest and cheapest models have excellent design, impressive battery life, speed and brakes. Structurally, they look more like DIY devices because some of the parts are also replaceable.

    Are Yecoo Board models waterproof?

    The Yecooboard had no problem passing small puddles while riding along the road.
    However, we recommend that you stay away from puddles and away from wet or frozen surfaces. The circuit board is not waterproof, water may damage the board (the warranty does not cover water damage). It’s very dangerous to ride on wet and icy surfaces because you can easily lose control of the skateboard.

    Do I need to recharge the battery when I receive the skateboard?

    Yes, you can charge the skateboard. We run through a series of tests before shipping. As a result, the battery may run out in transit time. It is recommended to charge the circuit board before riding, but this is not required.

    How much weight can Yecooboard bear?

    The maximum load on the Yecooboard is 280 pounds (150 kilograms).
    We recommend a maximum weight of 264 pounds (120 kilograms) or less, as excess weight may affect performance and speed.

    How many miles can the Yecoo Board go?

    Depending on the model, you can easily get between 12-21 miles on average on your Yecoo Board.

    Can the quality of the products be guaranteed at such a low price?

    They do not use other platforms to sell any of their products, and do not require any advertising or operating costs (platform fees are generally 10-15%). They sell on their own sites for a low cost of human labor gives an advantage over developed countries. They have sent a lot of skateboards to customers around the world. It is also a consumer recognition that their skateboard is selling at very low margins and still uses certified components. For example, they use samsung and LG, aluminum alloy bearings (aerospace materials), the most powerful motors, the most stable and waterproof ESC, composite plates, etc. Yecoo hopes to reduce the selling price while using high-quality accessories, so as to attract new customers with high quality and excellent performance. Yecoo believe that maintaining price and high quality will enable consumers to recognize their brand and further support them in the future.

    Is it safe to buy a used Yecoo Board?

    Their skateboard Settings come in 3 riding modes, from beginner to expert. The materials used are certified components such as powerful Samsung batteries, the best alloy bearings (aerospace materials), the strongest motors, and the most stable ESC.
    But they always recommend wearing helmets and other safety equipment such as gloves and pads while riding.

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