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    About ZBoards

    ZBoard features a range of high-end weight-sensing electric scooters. These skateboards are not only simple and elegant in design, but also very durable and stylish for everyday use. ZBoard produces the world’s first weight-sensing electric skateboard with weight sensing modules at the front and back. This will allow you to start and stop the board, giving the user a better hands-free riding experience. In addition to being one of the best looking skateboards on the market, ZBoard guarantees you a great performance on its electric skateboard. Their skateboards are full of high technology and first-class mechanical parts. ZBoard Electric skateboard is available in two models, ZBoard 2 Blue and ZBoard 2 Pearl. These boards are not just different in color schemes as their name suggests. They also differ in properties and materials. Depending on your personal preference, you can choose one of the two models for your adrenaline rush and daily commute. In addition, ZBoard took three years to develop and eventually became a successful Kickstarter project, which shows how much the public loves the high quality design and performance of these electric boards. If you enjoyed our board review, you may want to read our other articles. Check out our Acton Blink Board Review, WowGo Boards, and Counter-Board articles.

    Various ZBoard Models

    ZBoard 2 Blue

    ZBoard 2 Blue

    Photo from Indiegogo

    • The ZBoard 2 Blue is the first of ZBoard’s high-end electric skateboards and a cheaper version. This model is relatively light, but don’t doubt its incredible durability and amazing performance. The ZBoard’s electric skateboard is durable, and not just because it uses industry-leading high-end components. They also offer an amazing package of the latest skateboarding technology, as well as machinery, all in one package.Starting at $1299, the ZBoard 2 Blue has a maple deck design.


    Product Features
    • The ZBoard 2 Blue has a strong and lightweight board.This plate is simple in appearance because it is resilient and durable in design.Both sides of the board have hollow space, which makes it more convenient and comfortable for you to carry in your daily life.In addition, the Zboard2 Blue also sports high-brightness headlights and taillights.You can then set these to blink or keep them on during the ride.
    • The best and most unique part of the Zboard2 Blue is the hands-free ride experience, as it has weight sensing modules in the front and back.So, depending on how much weight you put, you can start or accelerate your ZBoard 2 blue using the front sensor.Similarly, stopping the Zboard2 blue is as easy as stepping on the tail of the sensor.
    • The ZBoard 2 blue also has its signature 90 mm 80 hardness blue wheel, which not only gives you a smooth, but also provides greater stability and passive vibration reduction.The wheels are made of high-quality polyurethane and the larger form gives them an unparalleled advantage to bear more blows, shocks, and reduced vibration.
    • The ZBoard 2 Blue can travel up to 16 miles or 25.7 kilometers on a single charge, so depending on your usage, you can bike at least all day.The large visible battery pack on the underside of the board is proof of how well the Zboard2 blue is built for life.
    • Perhaps the best part about the Zboard2 blue is its overall design, which is made up of a solid high quality maple deck that is durable and sleek at the same time.In addition, the maple deck also has a sturdy lightweight structure, giving the ZBoard 2 a total blue weight of 17 pounds or 7.7 kilograms.Taking into account the heavy truck, overall design, and larger average design, this weight is perfect for everyday use.
    • With a top speed of 20 MPH or 32 km/h, the ZBoard 2 Blue is perfect for urban environments and your daily commute, while also providing a great cycling experience.

    ZBoard 2 Pearl


    Photo from Uncrate

    • The ZBoard 2 Pearl is the upgraded and more high-end version of the premium electric skateboards from ZBoard. The ZBoard 2 Pearl not only offers a change in the materials used. But they also performed under-the-hood upgrades to the battery and other main parts of the ZBoard. Instead of maple, the ZBoard 2 Pearl has a rosewood construction.
    Product Features
    • Unlike the Zboard2 blue, the Zboard2 Pearl offers larger and more durable wheels.These wheels are in their signature pearl white.The new ZBoard 2 Pearl is equipped with 97 mm 83 wheels.The phone is a significant upgrade from its predecessor.In addition, you can even replace these wheels with all-terrain variants.The Street style default 97mm wheel on the Zboard2 Pearl provides significant vibration and shock absorption.And they are bigger than their rivals’ boards.
    • ZBoard 2 pearls are also carved out of the space, allowing you to carry your ZBoard around with ease.Thanks to the new mahogany structure of the board, it looks brighter and better than its maple version in the previous model.
    • The Pearl is also an electric skateboard that offers an unparalleled, unique hands-free riding experience.Use your weight to activate the front and rear weight sensing modules of the dashboard, making the board easy to drive.
    • The high quality truck combines stable wheels and motor mounting to give the Zboard2 Pearl one of the best riding experiences on the market.The thick and durable truck is 280 mm in length while attached to the board with high quality tight nuts and bolts.This is a powerful machine that is designed for long endurance and smooth, exciting, and safe riding.
    • Another great thing about the Zboard2 Pearl is its impressive battery.The battery can last 24 miles or 38.6 kilometers on a single charge.You can use the ZBoard 2 Pearl to ride long distances around town without worrying about charging it.
    • The ZBoard 2 Pearl also offers impressive performance and an exciting riding experience when it comes to it — this board can be ridden to a top speed of 20 MPH or 32 KPH, similar to the ZBoard 2 Blue. It gives you a decent speed in urban and off-road environments depending on the wheelset position.
    • The ZBoard 2 Pearl weighs about 19 pounds, just a little more than the first model.Thus, while this weight is suitable for everyday use and portability, it also provides a better riding experience for the Zboard2 Pearl because of increased passive stability.

    Frequently Asked Questions for ZBoard:

    How much does a ZBoard electric skateboard cost?
    You can get a ZBoard electric skateboard starting at $1299 for the ZBoard 2 Blue, and $1499 for the upgraded ZBoard 2 Pearl.
    What are the dimensions of a ZBoard electric skateboard?
    Both ZBoard electric skateboard models are uniform in size, they are about 38in by 9.5in by 5.5in or 96.5cm by 24.1cm by 13.9cm.
    How does a ZBoard electric skateboard work?
    Starting and riding a ZBoard electric skateboard is easy. You can use the weight-sensing footpads installed on the front and tail sections of the board to start, stop, accelerate and decelerate the board.
    What is the weight of a ZBoard electric skateboard?
    ZBoard electric skateboards are relatively lighter, which makes them good for daily portability despite being the best in industry with heavy duty parts. The two ZBoard models weigh about:

    • ZBoard 2 Blue: 17lbs or 7.7kg
    • ZBoard 2 Pearl: 19lbs or 8.6kg
    How long does a ZBoard electric skateboard battery last?
    ZBoard battery levels are built to keep you going all day at the very minimum. Here are the stats to expect from your ZBoard electric skateboard:

    • ZBoard 2 Blue: 16 miles or 25.7km
    • ZBoard 2 Pearl: 24 miles or 38.6km
    How long does a ZBoard electric skateboard take to charge?
    You can expect the ZBoard 2 Blue to charge completely within 2.5 hours. The ZBoard 2 Pearl has a bigger and more longer lasting battery, so it takes up to 4.5 hours to charge completely.
    How to control the speed of ZBoard electric skateboard?
    You can easily control the speed of your ZBoard with the weight-sensing footpads installed. The more force you apply on either of the footpads, the more acceleration and deceleration the ZBoard electric skateboards will be applied respectively.
    Is ZBoard electric skateboard waterproof?
    The ZBoard electric skateboard models are not waterproof, so using them in wet conditions and environments may have destroyed the boar.Don’t worry, a small accidental splash should be good.Water not only affects the quality of the wooden deck, but also degrades the weight of the moving parts and wheels.
    Can I use different parts for my ZBoard electric skateboard?
    Yes, you can swap out some parts such as the tires, as the ZBoard has a modular DIY style. You can also switch between street style and all terrain wheels
    What is the weight limit that a ZBoard electric skateboard can take?
    The ideal recommended weight load for the ZBoard electric skateboard is 225 pounds. Anything over this may affect the performance of the board, and the ZBoard will not be able to reach its top speed. However, it can tolerate weight exceeding 225 pounds to some extent and give you an amazing ride nonetheless.
    How does the ZBoard electric skateboard fare in hilly areas?
    Since the ZBoard is controlled completely hands-free, it has safety measures installed to limit downhill speed for the user’s safety, and of course, you can decelerate with better control because of the tail footpad. For uphill performance, it is only good for small to medium sized slopes. An intense uphill and downhill performance may be challenging due to the single 1000W hub motor.
    Can I use the ZBoard electric skateboard after it runs out of charge like a normal board?
    No, using the ZBoard as a normal board after it runs out of battery is not recommended. Pushing it to some extent may be fine in case of emergency, however, using the ZBoard as a normal manual board can damage its moving parts.
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